what is angulerjs

AngulerJS is a javascript framework libary.

A much used method to create web applications in Java is the use of frameworks and technology
like JSF, GWT, Vaadin Wicket and/or Seam.

With these frameworks you program the business logic in Java and you often use a templating
language to built your web pages. The web front end and the business logic are often integrated.

These last few years you’ll see more and more full-fledged web applications. The complete
front end is built in Javascript and the back-end services communicate via REST.
Like you might know from Javascript libraries sucj as backbone.js, ember.js and knockout.js.
Recently added to that list is AngularJS.

AngularJS is a javscript library developed by Google.
It ables you to built in an easy, intuitive and declarative way web applications.